We have comprehensive know-how for the design and construction of RINOL parking deck coating systems and industrial floors.We're happy to provide these skills to our customers early on.


We develop, produce, and test all components and ingredients for our RINOL coating systems ourselves.That guarantees our products the highest quality, quickest availability, and optimal properties.


Our industrial flooring systems only develop their full functionality through professional installation to the highest quality assurance guidelines.
RINOL industrial floors have a worldwide reputation for reliability, precision, quality, and cost effectiveness!
Decades of proven industrial flooring systems for trade, business, and industry Specially developed for our customers from the high-tech branchSubsidiaries in EuropaResearch and development, production by RINOL—only a contact partner for youRINOL INTERNATIONAL

RCR Industrial Flooring—the market leader in industrial flooring and aesthetic coatings, certified DIN EN ISO 9001—is represented in many countries worldwide. It has an extensive network of competent, experienced partners in the market for all types of synthetic surfaces.

As part of our module system we are able to offer a complete, comprehensive system of floor coatings from reinforced and unreinforced foundation slabs, through concrete floors and wear layers of various types, to individual highly complex resin coatings for the most stringent requirements.

Wherever you're located, you'll always find an RCR Group partner in your vicinity who will offer you complete service from planning and consultation with regard to the requirements to be met in your industry, through on-time, professional application, to execution of the all maintenance and servicing tasks.

Our coating systems result from decades of experience and constant development work in our laboratories.

Of course, independent experts continually test these for your safety and they also have all major international test certificates.

Our unique, worldwide EP and PU products production site in Rovigo is under German leadership.
This RINOL unit located in northern Italy near Venice is equipped with its own R&D department, among other things.

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